Friday, December 28, 2012

Add a Bang to your Boring...

Add a Bang to your Boring Tights: Getting sick and tired of your same old grey tights?! Then layer your grey tights with a pair of cute holy tights over top and your ready to step out. Turn those boring grey tights into flare!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Let Your Spirit Free

Lovely Sweater

This lovely outfit is cute for a first date out. This cute pink sweater and black and white image tights are a perfect blend of pattern. The soft pink color gives off a soft cutie pie look. The knit headwarmer is absolutely adorable with the heart on the side. Last these electric soft blue boots give off a pop to the very soft tranquil outfit.

Edgy Leather

 A nice out on the town college outfit. A nice black leather open jacket with matching black leather pants is very edgy and when you add a popping brasier top the outfit is made!!! The classic shoe with electric blue trim adds a pump to the chic outfit. You will look young and fun!

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